Village of Forreston... A Place to Call Home!

The Village of Forreston is located in Forreston Township, in the northwest corner of Ogle County.  It is about 12 miles south of Freeport and 20 miles north of Dixon which provides diverse attractions, shopping, theaters, and recreational activities.  Forreston is located in a rich agricultural area.  Forreston is a small town with beautiful old store front businesses, good schools, and affordable housing. 



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Hydrant Flushing


HYDRANT FLUSHING will be done September 22-24. Slight water discoloration may occur.  Your water will still be safe to drink, but we recommend you don't wash 'white' loads of laundry due to possible rust from the water lines.

Free COVID-19 Screening


On September 21 from 11 AM to 1 PM, Aunt Martha's Health and Wellness will have a van parked at 102 S 1st Ave (in front of the PPO Building) and will be performing FREE COVID-19 testing (no out-of-pocket cost regardless of ability to pay). No appointment...

Leash your Critters!


Reminder, per Village Code 5-3-4 ANY animal that LEAVES the premisis of its owner MUST be on a leash.  Be it a dog, cat, rabbit, or turtle. We have received many complaints regarding roaming cats....