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"PROPOSED" Chicken Ordinance


Below is our “PROPOSED” Chicken Ordinance. This should answer most of the questions that are being asked. The next step is to have a public meeting for residents to voice their opinions.  After that it will go to the Board of Trustees for a vote. We want everyone to know that the final decision will be made by the Board of Trustees.



  1. Prohibited: Except as provided in subsections C of this section, it shall be deemed a nuisance and unlawful to keep or maintain within the corporate limits of the Village any livestock including, but not limited to, swine, cattle, sheep, goats, horses, mules, and animals raised for furbearing purposes
  2. Exemptions: Nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit the presence of animals which are part of a carnival, a circus, a live animal nativity scene or other event sponsored by a not for profit organization or the Village.
  3. Definitions

Chickens: as used in this section: Any domesticated egg laying chicken and shall exclude all roosters and hens that have ceased laying eggs.

COOP: Shall mean and include a coop, building, pen or other enclosure with or without an enclosed pen or chicken yard that is designed, constructed and maintained to confine chickens within the coop and to prevent access by predators.

KEEP: To maintain or feed such livestock on premises, confined or otherwise, within the City limits for a period exceeding twenty four (24) hours.

      LAYING CHICKEN: Any domesticated egg laying chicken and shall exclude all roosters.

License To Keep Chickens:

  1. No person shall keep or maintain chickens anywhere within the Village of Forreston except pursuant to a license issued by the Village under the terms and conditions of this subsection C.
  2. Applications to keep laying chickens shall be submitted on a form provided by the Village Clerk..
  3. Each application shall be accompanied by an initial permit fee of seventy five dollars ($75.00) to keep chickens.
  4. As part of the license application, the applicant shall obtain a building permit from the Village and pay the fee therefore. The applicant shall provide an accurate scale drawing of all proposed facilities.
  5. The term of each license shall begin on May 1 and terminate on April 30 next following its issuance, renewal application will be twenty five dollars $25.00. 
  6. If a license issued under the terms of this subsection C is not renewed, or is terminated for any reason, the property owner where the coop is located shall remove all chickens, the coop and all related facilities from the village within 30 days.
  7. Any license issued hereunder is personal to the applicant and may not be assigned or transferred. Only the record owner of the property may apply for a license.
  8. No more than one license shall be issued per property.
  9. The owner of the premises consents to the entry of Village officials, employees or authorized agents onto the property for the purpose of an initial inspection of the facilities and determining compliance with this subsection C. Subsequent inspections of the facilities may be made in the case of violations or nuisance reports.


  1. A maximum of four (4) chickens  No Roosters shall be permitted on any property containing one single-family detached dwelling unit.
  2. Chickens shall at all times be confined to a coop and fenced area (as described in section 3c) complying with the requirements of this article and constructed only upon receipt of a license from the Village of Forreston.
  3. Every person maintaining a coop used for keeping chickens shall keep and maintain the coop and such area and facilities in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.
  4. All feed for chickens must be kept in containers that are rodent-proof.
  5. All chickens must be kept, housed and maintained so as not to cause a public or private nuisance from odor, litter, droppings, feather or other waste, excessive noise, or pests or rodents attracted by the chickens.
  6. Slaughtering is not permitted, except within an enclosed building in a manner not reasonably visible or audible to persons on adjacent property.


  1. All chickens shall be housed in a coop of sufficient size and strength to confine the fowl to the licensee's property.
  2. A license shall be obtained from the Village prior to the construction of a coop. The applicant shall provide an accurate drawing of all proposed facilities.
  3. The chicken coop shall not exceed sixty four (64) square feet. The coop shall be no more than six feet (6') high and must be top covered to prevent access by predators. An outside fenced area shall not exceed sixty-four (64) square feet, the fenced area shall be no more than six feet (6') high and must be top covered to prevent access by predators. The use of steel welded wire fencing only.
  4. Electrical service to coop shall not be provided by an extension cord or cords.
  5. Any coop shall be at least ten feet (10') from any property line and at least forty feet (40') from any neighboring house, apartment or business. Any coop shall also be at least twenty feet (20') from any neighboring patio, balcony, swimming pool, gazebo, garden, deck, porch, courtyard, fire pit, or other such outdoor living space.
  6. No coop shall be located in the front yard facing a public street of any property and shall be located in a manner so that no chickens are visible from a public street to the greatest extent possible.


  1. Violation of this subsection C may result in revocation of the license issued hereunder and the imposition of fines as provided in section 5-3-9.
  2. Any license revoked for violations of this subsection C shall not be renewed.