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Illinois continued shutdown...


Bear with me, this may be lengthy. I am sure most of you are aware the shutdown for Illinois is being extended until May 31, 2020. A hot topic from yesterdays press conference is the wearing of face masks. Per the Order – a face mask MUST be worn when you are in public and unable to maintain 6-foot distance. Do you need to wear it in your car? No. When you are on a walk? No. At the grocery store or gas station – YES! Please think of others – you may be young, strong, and invincible. Unfortunately, the person in front of you may not be, or someone in their house may not be. This sneaky virus hangs out for a while before symptoms appear. I like to think of it as protecting my elders right to live (and the young, the sick, and the fragile). I too, want the shutdown lifted, but not at the expense of lives.

Some restrictions ARE lifting. “Non-Essential” business can open for curbside and online orders. Sadly, barbers, salons, bars, and restaurants remain closed – unless they do carry out or delivery. Some State Parks will begin to open (please be respectful if not) and you can take you kids fishing now! What a great way to spend time together, teach a new skill, and catch some supper!

Remember, locally the Spring Garage Sales and Clean Up Day have been canceled for May. Leaf River Days and German Valley Days are also canceled. I was just informed FHS Graduation will be held on the football field Saturday, June 20th at 10:00 AM, raindate of Sunday June 21st at 2:00 PM.  The alternate date for this is Saturday July 18th at 10 AM, raindate of Sunday, July 19th at 5:00 PM.
If you are a Small Business Owner or Sole Proprietor – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact your banker regarding the Small Business Loans and Payroll Protection Program (PPP). These apply to YOU!! Yes, as a business owner there is funding for rent, mortgage, utilities, and payroll for 8 weeks – that MAY BE COMPLETELY FORGIVEN! Ask about the PPP Loan program – more funding was just approved for it.

Also, please call your neighbors and reach out to the elderly. So far, our community has been WONDERFUL at supporting those who truly should not be going out, but a friendly phone call can brighten the day so much! If you can someone a trip to the store by picking something up, it would mean the world to them.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and know we are all in this together.